Acid Stories now in English;)

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Acid Stories now in English;)

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Available as an e-book, only for you my friend. Just click the link below and let the fun begin! ->Books in English

These stories, based on the short films of Acid Cinema practically wrote themselves, and finally formed into this book.

With a sharp Cesarian, the book receives its characteristing tang. The end result is gritty but real. It isn't proper Acid if your brain isn't tingling.

The Acid Stories is the fourth web-book by Nuortimo. This native son of Oulu, who currently recides in the deepest Savo, has published his humorous tales online for a full decade now, and distributes them for free on the internet. Let your friends know, and help spread the joy of black comedy. You'll get to enjoy familiar Acid Cinema characters such as DJ Jonde, Doc Drool and Ich Jagte, but also private dick Kari Dekk, and Protocop-Arto Murtonen. Also included are the Super Snafu, the saviours of Hickville.

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